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Simply be - coaching

Here is what our fantastic clients have to say about us 

I have known Chris for many years as a friendly, caring and helpful neighbour. I was aware of her training and experience but never sought out her services until my son was killed and I felt as though my life had stopped.

Chris was so supportive and calming. She really listened to me and understood what I was going through. I had shut myself off and couldn't imagine ever smiling again.

I was invited to one of her full day mindfulness and meditation workshops which was way out of my comfort zone and I couldn't see how it would help. But it did!

She was able to talk to the whole group as if she were speaking to us all individually. Her guidance through and build up to meditation techniques was so gentle that I stopped feeling self conscious and relaxed very quickly. 

She opened my eyes to the fact that I can take control of how I feel. I can't change the things that have happened to me but I can learn to not be controlled by them.

I now practice mindfulness and meditation and can't thank Chris enough for her care and guidance.

I am amazed by how quickly her techniques made and continue to make a difference in my life and I would recommend her as a life coach to anyone and everyone.

I joined one of Christine's 6 week courses last year. This was a massive step out of my comfort zone, but Chris was brilliant at helping me work through my apprehension.
I joined the course because of a nagging voice from deep within telling me the time really had come to make some major life changes and to stop coasting lazily along. The course description seemed to be a fit for what I was looking for.
Chris explained concepts very clearly and gave us as a group the space to explore them. As a result I am much more aware of who I am, and how I can determine my own way forward in my very own life.

We explored different types of meditation, and built up gradually from 5 minutes - which seemed an eternity to start with - to much longer periods of inner calm. Chris was so interesting in all the ideas she explained to us and explored with us, and now meditation is a much treasured and beloved daily part of my life.
Yoga was the thing I was slightly dreading - crunchy knees, very plump, and an exercise and movement avoider, I was definitely uncomfortable with this.
However - I wasn't the only person in the course this was new to. Chris worked at a pace that accommodated my lack of expertise, and I soon came to realise that yes, I could do this - it was absolutely achievable for all of us in the group. Just simply the freedom to move and take up space was a revelation , and the joy of stretching and moving mindfully - well...

To take on board these practices, you have to be shown the way by someone you can completely trust. You feel exposed and vulnerable learning these disciplines - but with a trustworthy tutor, you come out of the process brimming with enthusiasm, with lots of practical ideas you can apply to your life, and a new vision of how and where you want to move forward.
I cannot praise Chris highly enough. She is informative, patient, kind, personal and very passionate about her teaching.

Christine is resourceful and is a natural healer, knowing exactly what people need at that moment, setting her apart from the rest in her field.

I have attended most workshops that Christine runs and has completely changed my attitude towards some of my problems. Thanks to Christine I now use meditation as a form of focusing in the mind and can use mindfulness in every day life, helping me to be a much happier person.

I look forward to every session or workshop i attend as it means I get to learn new tools for problem solving, know more about the history and benefits of mindfulness and meditation, and meet like-minded people.

I have attended Chris's classes and workshops and found her to be a professional and patient teacher. Her classes are relaxed and easy to follow and the strategies are clearly explained. I have no reservation in recommending her. 

Chris was an excellent teacher, welcoming, warm, kind and very generous with her knowledge.
Like many people I suspect I'd flirted with the idea of living a more mindful life - the course helped me to put this into practice and I've found this very beneficial in my day to day life. I'm calmer, take time for myself, and waste a lot less energy getting annoyed about things I can't change!

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