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Our latest review :
"Lovely morning learning and practicing meditations. Absolutely would recommend! "
Caroline B. who attended the "Meditation Made Easi(er) " workshop Feb 2020

Here is what our fantastic clients have to say about us :

I've just been to the first session of a 6 week introduction to mindfulness, meditation and yoga course run by Chris. It was brilliant - after one session I'm thinking about what I'm eating as I'm eating it, not just mindlessly shovelling food in; I'm energised, calm and good to go!
I had some apprehensions before going - I've never done any yoga before and really don't see myself as a physically competent person. However the movements were carefully explained and modelled, and I was surprised to discover that I am a bit bendy, and it wasn't embarrassing doing physical things in a room full of people. And I enjoyed it!!
Roll on next week - what a brilliant way to spend a little bit of time on a Saturday morning! And I will have a yoga mat by then - turns out a bedding roll is not stick to the floory!
Thank you Chris!!

I would recommend Simply Be retreats and therapies for any treatment, they're fab! My go to every time I want to treat myself and relax.
I have had several treatments by Chris, all of them I have absolutely loved.
She welcomes you warmly into the room, makes you feel really comfortable and figures out what you need quickly. The whole treatment feels like a luxury.
I have had Reiki which has helped make me feel better after a chesty cough or a cold, meaning I can get on and do more, quickly.
I have had Indian Head Massage which (thanks to carrying around lots of heavy stuff all day for work) helps free my shoulders of knots, helps get rid of my headaches and relaxes me, it's a well loved treat for myself.

I attended this workshop after completing the six week Introduction to Mindfulness course with Simply be retreats and therapies and I found it very insightful. Was welcomed immediately and made to feel like we were sharing in a safe space amongst friends. I have learned new strategies to help me overcome worry, become more Mindful and generally be happier. I learned the importance of acceptance and living in the moment and this workshop really built on what I took away from the six week course. I met some new people and had some very interesting conversations. Simply be makes mindfulness easy to understand and embed into every day lives. Everyone should try it out! Cant wait to see what else she sets up! Thank you.

Attended the workshop... found it to be, very friendly ,full of useful information . Now am armed with plenty techniques to put into action to help with everyday stresses of life. Thank you so much.

Lovely back massage by Chris today. Being a therapist myself I have a very tense back and have regular massages. My whole back and head was massaged and it was 45 mins of pure bliss. Would definitely recommend simply be for a massage! I shall sleep like a baby tonight 😴 Thankyou!

I could only make half day but found it very inspirational, wasn't sure what to expect, everyone give it a go. X

I've been to a 6 week introductory course to mindfulness, meditation and yoga run by Chris of Simply Be and I absolutely loved it. The course was for me life changing, and well worth attending. Chris was an excellent teacher, welcoming, warm, kind and very generous with her knowledge.
Like many people I suspect I'd flirted with the idea of living a more mindful life - the course helped me to put this into practice and I've found this very beneficial in my day to day life. I'm calmer, take time for myself, and waste a lot less energy getting annoyed about things I can't change!
I had an introduction to yoga - something I'd always felt was for other people but not me. I was very surprised by how much better I felt physically after practicing some yoga - various slightly annoying aches and pains were improved by the stretches, and it was great to have the opportunity to have a go at this in a safe and non- judgemental space. Chris was a great teacher for a novice like myself, very calm, patient and encouraging, and she went at a pace I could cope with.
The meditation was amazing. Chris introduced a variety of meditation techniques, and we went over the 6 week period from a group who were very wriggly and uncomfortable after 5 minutes of meditation, to everyone meditating for at least 20 minutes.
I would highly recommend Simply Be retreats and therapies - the teaching is very thorough and feels very personal. Chris has an energy about her that makes you want to try new things, and she makes you feel confident and able. She is also really good fun!
We all live very stressful, fast lives at the moment, and to invest in some calm, introspection, and peace of mind I would suggest is a very very very good thing to do!

Just been to a vision board workshop with meditation. Absolutely amazing. Chris was so welcoming and knowledgable, left feeling so positive. Really looking forward to the other upcoming events ❤️

Lovely morning learning and practicing meditations. Absolutely would recommend!

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