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1:1 MINDFULNESS SESSION  - £ 20/ 60 Minutes.  Personalised Mindfulness session.

BITESIZE YOGA SESSION - £20 / 60 Minutes. One hour 1:1 Yoga session.

BITESIZE MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION SESSION -  £20 / 60 Minutes. One hour 1:1 Mindfulness and Meditation session.

REIKI - £ 30 / 60 Minutes. An energy therapy that helps to harmonise body, mind and spirit. It can promote self-healing and be an effective stress and anxiety strategy.

INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION AND MINDFUL MOVEMENT YOGA - £55. 6 week introduction to mindfulness, meditation and mindful movement yoga. 

6 x 1 hour bespoke sessions to develop mindfulness for everyday living, focusing on stress management, relaxation and strategies for living.

LIFE COACHING 1:1 SESSIONS - £90.  6 x 1 hour sessions to support you on your journey to realise your potential through managing health and wellbeing to enable you to achieve your ambitions.

NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE - £15 / 30 Minutes. A relaxing massage that focuses on the upper back, shoulder and neck to release tension, alleviate stress and improve wellbeing.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - £20 / 40 Minutes. An Ayurvedic based massage that focuses on the upper back, neck and head. It can prevent migraines, reduce stress, relieve sleeplessness and boost energy levels.

BACK MASSAGE - £30 / 45 Minutes. Relaxing full back massage to relieve lower back ache, improve circulation and promote restful sleep.

CRYSTAL HEALING - £25 / 45 Minutes. A relaxing treatment that involves placing crystals on or around the body to clear, energise and balance the body.

HOPI EAR CANDLING - £25 / 45 Minutes. A treatment where hollow, oil soaked "candles" are inserted into the ear to massage the ear drum. They can be used to relieve sinus and congestion problems,reduce tinnitus and remove wax build up.